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Frequent Questions

What Is Future Reality Cooperative All About?

Is a registered cooperative that gives ladder to members for them to reach their go faster.

How Do I Register Or Become Member?

Registration is free but for you to become a member of Future Reality Cooperative, all you need to do is to make non refundable #2,500 payment through the cooperative bank account or our website after registered on our website, and is first come, first serve, no favourism. After creating an account in www.futurerealitycoop.com, a confirmation link will be sent to the mail entered during signup. Please click the link to confirm your account.

How Do I Make Payment?

Make payment in the dashboard or pay into any of our bank accounts, and then send email to payments@futurerealitycoop.com indicating the following details:

  1. Your Name/User Name
  2. Amount
  3. Your GSM Number
  4. Name Of Bank

After confirmation of the payment you will be given an ID and you introduce two members under you. Then you become life member.


Acc. Number: 0070596738

I Have Made Payment But Not Effect In My Personal Office?

Please forward a complaint to the support from your dashboard or send a mail to help@futurerealitycoop.com there may be a couple of issues with the account, the next action will be communicated to you by the support.

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Can I Create More Than One Account?

Yes, you can create multiple accounts with the same name and contact number. Be sure to use a unique username and different email for each account.

Are There Other Incentives Earned?

Yes, you earn 20% referral bonus at every stage and for anyone or as many that you bring into the cooperative.

How Do I Register New Member?

You can do so by sending your referral links or through your dashboard.

How Do I Get The POS As A Member?

We help ambitious businesses like yours to generate more profits by been a agent of bank contact the support to help you.

I think I may have other questions

Our support staff are available 24/7 days in a week and responds in timely manner. Kindly contact our support through your dashboard or forward a mail to help@futurerealitycoop.com.

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